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Defending the "Prosperity Gospel"
Miracles for Today
Why Is Christianity True?
Coming Home: Another Perspective on Salvation in Christ
What Is Salvation?
Reflections on the Trinity

Baptism in the New TestamentRichard C. Leonard. A brief survey of baptism in the earliest church shows that its main purpose is to signify and effect a new community identity. [December 1997]

The Biblical Covenant and Christian WorshipRichard C. Leonard. Exploring the structure and themes of the biblical covenant adds depth to our understanding of Christian worship. Reproduced from Reformation and Revival Journal, Spring, 1993. [September 2002]

Biblical Logic and InterpretationRichard C. Leonard. Asking some questions about how biblical authors used "logic," and how they used words, results in a fruitful new approach to the meaning of Scripture. [August 2008; revised December 2009]

Biblical Worship Is Good for You!Lynda A. Tracy. A music therapist reflects on the musical and movement experiences of biblical worship, and discovers it has many health-promoting qualities. [December 1997]

Canon and Covenant: Why the Bible Is the BibleRichard C. Leonard. What feature of the Old Testament literature caused it to be regarded as Scripture in the first instance? [June 2002]

Coming Home: Another Perspective on Salvation in ChristRichard C. Leonard. What if we try to understand how Jesus "saves" us, not as His rescuing us from harm but as His invitation to Come Home? [Match 2010]

Davidic Worship: A Model for RenewalRichard C. Leonard. The worship of the "Tabernacle of David" has been called "New Covenant worship in the Old Covenant era." [September 2002]

Defending the "Prosperity Gospel"Richard C. Leonard. Opponents of the ""health and wealth gospel" are making certain assumptions about the New Testament church that are unwarranted. [January 2017]

The Festivals of Israel: Biblical Sources in Parallel — Compiled by Richard C. Leonard. The biblical passages describing the Israelite festal calendar, arranged as a parallel chart [January 2002]

Isaiah 6: A Window into Biblical WorshipRichard C. Leonard. From an experience with the Lord recorded by the prophet Isaiah, we can learn important truths applicable to Christian worship. [July 2002]

Israel in the ScripturesRichard C. Leonard. The term "Israel" is used in several ways in the Bible, and careful study reveals that the principal usage is religious, as a description for all worshipers of the Lord. [July 2002]

The Israelite Festivals and the Christian CalendarRichard C. Leonard. What is the significance of the biblical worship calendar for the renewal of worship in the evangelical churches? [January 2002]

Miracles for TodayRichard C. Leonard. Why do people "educated" in the worldview of Western culture have difficulty experiencing healing miracles today? [July 2013]

Music and Worship in the BibleRichard C. Leonard. A survey of the role of music in the worship life of Israel and the New Testament church provides a foundation for understanding the place of music in the worship of today. [November 1997]

Nodes of TranscendenceRichard C. Leonard. The resurrection life of Jesus was embodied in the New Testament community; today's church needs to recover its awareness of the intersection with the transcendent. [February 2008]

The Place of Children in Adult WorshipJanice E. Leonard. We can encourage children to enter into the regular worship services of the church by following the examples given in Scripture. [November 1997]

Praying the Psalms of Imprecation — Richard C. Leonard. Some of the Psalms appear bitter, and heap curses upon the speaker's enemies. Can Christians still pray these Psalms? This article has been revised as a sermon under the title Praying Against Our Enemies! [March 2003, revised July 2012]

The Real Presence in the EucharistRichard C. Leonard. Do concepts such as transubstantiation, consubstantiation or memorial, as commonly understood, have a basis in how the New Testament speaks of the Eucharist or Holy Communion? Or is there a more biblical way of understanding Christ's presence in the Lord's Supper? [December 2006]

Reflections on the TrinityRichard C. Leonard. The doctrine of the Trinity is considered a hallmark of Christian orthodoxy, but some have questioned its scriptural foundation. How may we apply a biblical perspective to the issue of Trinitarianism vs. non-Trinitarianism? [January 2009]

The Resurrection in Biblical PerspectiveRichard C. Leonard. The resurrection takes on some new implications when viewed through the cultural and intellectual perspective of the earliest Christians. [December 2004]

Singing the Psalms: A Brief History of PsalmodyRichard C. Leonard. A survey of how the biblical Psalms have been sung in worship by Christian congregations, especially in the English language. [December 1997; revised March 2008]

Suggestions for Worship LeadersRichard C. Leonard. A letter we wrote to our son-in-law when he was asked to be a music leader in his church. [February 1997]

The Way of Worship Through the ScripturesRichard C. Leonard. A survey of the Bible highlighting its relevance for our understanding of Christian worship. Reproduced from the Praise and Worship Study Bible (Tyndale 1997). [September 2002]

What Is Salvation?Richard C. Leonard. "Salvation" is not something that exists in and of itself, nor something a person possesses. Understood biblically, it is God's action to deliver, or rescue, a person from oppressing factors that diminish his life. [December 2009]

What Jesus Christ Said About WorshipRichard C. Leonard. Jesus had some pointed and specific things to say about how we should pray, our attitude toward the place of worship, sacramental actions in which we participate, and what constitutes genuine worship. [December 1997]

Why Is Christianity True?Richard C. Leonard. Can the truth of the Christian faith be grounded nou in subjective personal opinion but in the structure of the objective universe> [February 2011]

The Word Made VisibleRichard C. Leonard. How the fine arts were used to communicate the Bible during the Middle Ages. Reproduced from Christian History, issue 49 (February, 1996). [January 1997]

Worship and Inclusive LanguageRichard C. Leonard. The thrust for "inclusive language" in the worship of "mainline" denominations is problematic on both biblical and psychological grounds. [January 1997]

Worship in the Early ChurchRichard C. Leonard. The study of Christian worship through the second century offers interesting insights into worship possibilities for today. [January 1997]

Worshiping at the Lord's TableRichard C. Leonard. We can arrive at a more complete understanding of our gathering at the Lord's Table by looking at the terms Scripture uses to describe this ceremony. [November 1997]